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Beaches you must visit

Most beaches around the Maltese islands are recognised as having some of the cleanest bathing waters around the EU, with a 100% evaluation of excellent quality, placing Malta shared first among EU states.

A few beaches are also Blue Flag certified, which means such beaches adhere to standards for sustainable development, environmental management, safety and other services.

Although what makes a great beach varies from person to person, I’ve compiled a top 10 of the best beaches around Malta.

Fear not, I’ve done my best to outline the pros and cons with each beach, to help you pick your sunbathing and swimming spots on your next holiday to Malta.

1. Għajn Tuffieħa (my absolute favourite beach)

Għajn Tuffieħa is my favourite beach in Malta, with some of the best scenery and sea you’ll encounter around the Maltese islands. To me, this beach is a perfect balance between being in raw nature and yet having facilities to be comfortable at the beach.

Yes, it’s a popular beach, yes, it’s a favourite among tourists as well and can get busy, but the stunning beauty, its panoramic views and clean water are just amazing. This is a must visit and well worth a bus ride from wherever it is you’re staying in Malta.

2. Golden Bay

Golden Bay is located on the Northwest coast of Malta, right next to Għajn Tuffieħa (the next beach on the list) and is a popularly visited beach which was one of the first to earn Blue Flag status.

Easily accessible and reachable with public transport, this beach offers plenty of amenities and is the perfect location for families to enjoy some sunbathing. Although the North cliff is taken up by a large hotel, the rest of the beaches surroundings are largely unspoilt and make for a great view. Golden Bay is also a popular location for barbeques, mostly on Friday and Saturday evening.

3. Mellieħa Bay / Għadira

Mellieħa Bay (also referred to locally as Għadira Bay) is the largest sandy beach on Malta and one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean. It is by far one of the most popular of Malta’s beaches and with a surf that remains shallow for a good distance out and easy access, this spot is a firm favourite for families with children, who tend to set up camp for the day, mostly on weekends.

Mellieħa Bay is located in the North of Malta (near the village of Mellieħa, seen below up on the hilltop) and is very easy to get to, with a number of bus routes stopping at the bay on their way to Ċirkewwa (where the ferries to Gozo berth).

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