''SY ROYAL ATENEA'' was built in Holland in 1973. Her original name was ''Antares''.She is a Jongert Trewes Design with 5mm Steel Hull and rigged as a Ketch with  Aluminium Masts. Her LOA is 19.3m and she have a beam of 4.6m with a draft of 2.98m She weighs 33t and she can cruise at 7 kts with engine and 8-10 kts on sail depending on wind. She is fairly comfortable with 15 to 20 kts of wind. 

Fresh water capacity to last over 2 weeks and fuel range of 13 days steaming. 

She also have a diving compressor and a small 4.5Kwz Generator. She is powered by a Mercedez Engine with 130 BHP. Hopefully this will change to an Electric Motor. 

At the moment she is getting a major upgrade. 

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